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— Driving school in English — Driving school in English —

Driving school Prague 8 – Ladvi (Kobylisy)

We offer you driving practice with an experienced, patient, English speaking teacher.

If you choose we provide you an interpreter for the tests (not included in price)

You can choose also Saturdays and Sundays for your driving lessons and driving practice

The time sale payment is possible, with no increase – first payment 10.000,- CZK and you can start

We offer you also condition driving and lessons of safe driving with manual or AUTOMAT transmission, electric car, or on the motorbike (the A group driving licence)

You can enrol any Tuesday or Thursday from 4 to 6 PM. If this time does not suit you or you gave any questions, feel free to contact us per email

We are looking forward to you!

Price of the  training in English is from 26.990 CZK

Address: Společná 36, Prague 8

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